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We work with campgrounds, outdoor brands and tourism associations to improve the reservation experience

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Property Management System

Our primary goal as a company is to make it easier to find and book awesome travel experiences. For outdoor hospitality, this starts at the campground level. This is why our first product was a robust property management application that requires little training and allows guest to book a site within 60 seconds, from any device. Since going live in 2018, we’ve powered over 20,000 reservations for our campgrounds.

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Listings & Trip Planner

One of the primary challenges in outdoor hospitality is a fragmented customer experience. Campers can research reviews of a campground, but then still have to pick up the phone or go to another site to book. Our goal with the Campground Booking listings is to combine this into one central experience. Our listings allow travel and tourism sites to capture existing traffic and convert them into paying customers for members. Campers can search, find and book a campsite without ever leaving our customers’ sites.