Campground Management Software

Under Nomad Reservations, we have a suite of products focused on serving outdoor hospitality. Our property management software is called CampgroundBooking and focused on helping park operators manage their customers and easily take online reservations.

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Responsive Campground Bookings

Taking phone calls and responding to guest emails takes up hours for campground staff. Instead of back and forth with customers, our campgrounds link out to their Campground Booking page and guests can select their site and pay within 60 seconds, no matter what device they are using. The funds are then directly deposited into the campgrounds’ business bank account.

Responsive Campground Bookings


Manage Reservations With Ease

With our dashboard inside the Campground Booking property management system, park operators can view bookings being made online in real-time, check guests in and out, block off sites and edit existing reservations.

Manage Reservations With Ease


Measure What Matters

Our reporting dashboard gives campgrounds the metrics they need to run their business on a daily basis, including daily revenue and reservations. We also break down more detailed reports for guests checking in, measuring various marketing channels and a direct integration to export data to Quickbooks Online.

Measure What Matters

Pricing for Campgrounds

Our focus is providing the best property management and online booking system for campgrounds, without taking a dollar from small business operators. Instead of charging campgrounds for our software, we charge a flat $5 USD fee for online reservations, which the camper pays (not the campground). We don’t charge for manual bookings (phone, walk-ins) and the campgrounds always receive 100% of their full rates.

Campground Pricing


Campgrounds get access to our full property management and online booking system at no monthly or ongoing costs. Campgrounds also receive 100% of their booking fees, outside of any payment processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is CampgroundBooking the same thing as Nomad Reservations?

CampgroundBooking is a product under Nomad Reservations. Nomad Reservations is focused on improving the reservation experience across all of outdoor hospitality and we have a number of products under our brand.

Is it really free for campgrounds?

Yes. During online reservations when the flat $5USD fee is charged, the camper pays this and 100% of the campground’s rate goes to them (outside of credit card processing). We don’t charge for our software and there are no ongoing costs.

What payment processor do we use?

We use Stripe as our payment processor at this time. The rate is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for all payments that pass through.

Do I have to use Stripe for all credit cards?

Nope. We have the ability to track different credit card payments in our system for campgrounds that have a physical card reader on site they wish to use.

Can I see a demo?

Yes, if you visit you can request a demo and we’ll hop on a video call with you to walk you through our system.

What rules do you have for customization?

We have a full suite of rules for being able to customize rates by season or by site. You can set maximum number of guests per site and decide whether guests book by site or by site type. We have a lot of rules that campgrounds can use to customize their guest booking experience.

Can I add multiple campgrounds?

Yes, at no extra cost.

Other questions?

We’re always available at